Valentine Breakfast Sets

Sold out $80.00 - $160.00

Matching sets of plates, pour-over vessels and hand-built pink mugs with the studio logo stamped and numbered on the bottom. These fun sets feature some funky handles and a red heart pattern on a sheer light pink glaze. Each set comes with a certificate of authenticity. A perfect gift for Valentines day! Pour over vessels are compatible with both cone and basket paper filters.
What's included:
Full Set (6 pieces) 2 Mugs 2 Pour over vessels and 2 Plates - Best Value
Half Set (3 pieces) 1 Mug 1 Pour over vessel and 1 Plate - Best Value
Set of 4 Mugs - 4 pieces: 4 Mugs ONLY
Set of 4 Plates - 4 pieces: 4 Plates ONLY
Set of 2 Mugs and 1 Pour Over Vessel - 3 pieces